Tinospora cordifolia Promoted as a “National Medicine of India”

Tinospora cordifolia also known as Giloy and Guduchi in India. It has heart shaped leaves some what similar to money plant leaves . It is a large , glabrous, deciduous, climbing shrub.

Tinospora cordifolia is a precious plant of significant importance in the traditional system of medicine. Therefore it is designated as ‘Rasayana’ in Ayurveda. Rasayana here, it means an immunity booster medicine.

Now a days, this plant is well known to most of the people not only in India but also all over the world. This is also known by the name of ‘Amrita’ which means immortal that never dies. So It is believed that the one who take amrita daily will never die because of diseases and poor health.

Why Tinospora cordifolia promoted as a “national medicine of India” :

Due to its extraordinary efficiency to treat various diseases which are still a difficult one for modern medicine.

These are the reasons behind it promotion as a national plant of India –

(1) Traditionally, it is used for numerous ailment like fever, antiallergic, antineoplastic, anti inflammatory, antioxidant , natural immunomodulator.

(2) A variety of constituents are present in this plant. It is rich in calcium, protein and phosphorus. It mainly contains alkaloids like aporphine alkaloids, clerodane, diterpene, berberine, palmatine and glycoside like Tinocardiside. It also consist of steroids, essential oils, mixture of fatty acids and polysaccharides.

(3) Hypoglycemic property of this plant helps to treat the Type II diabetes mellitus patient. Its regular intake can help to reduce the increased Glucose level in Diabetic patient.

(2) Giloy act as an antioxidant therefore it protect the body from free radical damage and boost the immune system. Therefore it can be used in diseases like AIDS, Asthma, Gout, Type II diabetes mellitus.

(3) Its use in the treatment of fever is well known since ages. Pyrexia of unknown reason, Idiopathic caused diseases, Dengue, chikanguniya which occur with fever and decrease in blood platelets level. Giloy can give good results in the treatment of these patients.

(4) In case of allergic Rhinitis and allergic bronchitis complete cure has been noticed by the regular use of Tinospora cordifolia.

(5) studies have shown it’s cardioprotective (safeguard the heart) effect.

(6) Hepatoprotactive action of Tinospora cordifolia have shown significant improvement in ccl4 induced hepatopathy. It also shows improvement against Hepatitis B and Hepatitis E surface antigen .

(7) Anti stress and tonic property –

The anti stress and tonic property of this plant was clinically tested. It has also significantly improved the I. Q. levels (as it is used as a medhya Rasayana since ages in Ayurveda)

(8) Anti-inflammatory –

The alcohol extract of Tinospora cordifolia has been found to exhibit anti inflammatory actions against acute and sub acute inflammation. Therefore it can be used in diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis.

(9) Antineoplastic activity – Tinospora cirdifolia shows good supporting results in patient suffering from different types of tumours by slowing the growth of tumour and increased the lifespan of the tumour bearing host.

(10) Anti ulcer activity –

Treatment with formulation containing Tinospora cordifolia has been shown to reduce ulcer index total acidity, with an increase in pH of gastric juice.

(11) Anti leprotic activity –

Tinospora cordifolia is used for its anti leprosy properties in a combination formulation. It is also used in chronic itching

(5) This plant is a life insurance for health . now a days pollution is a main challenge for our society. Daily intake of Giloy can act as a purifier for our body.

(6) According to Ayurvedic perspective ,This plant has potential to balance the vata, pitta and kapha Dosha in the body .These three doshas are excepted as a three pillar of life. All the diseases occur in the body due to imbalance of these three doshas.

How to use this plant?

There are following ways to get complete benefits of this plant –

* Take one feet of steam of this plant and grind it and soak it in four cups of water for whole night and then next morning boil this solution till one fourth of this solution left. Then drink it daily this would help to decrease the increased level of uric acid , increase immunity in allergic patients like asthma, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis , decrease the increased glucose level in case of type II diabetic patient and many more.

* Giloy Satva – famous formulation of Tinospora cordifolia(Giloy) shows best result.

Giloy Satva also called guduchi Satva is an ayurvedic herbal water extract prepared by maceration (cold soaking) . It is the water soluble extract of Giloy. It is eaisly available in all type of online health care stores.


(1) Giloy Satva is beneficial in all types of PITTA (heat) disorders.

(2) It helps treating acidity, gastritis ,digestive problems also cure Ama (toxic digested end product) It is also effective mouth ulcers.

(3) It improves immunity due to its immuno-modulatory effects and it also act as a brain tonic.

(4) Due to its pitta soothing effects it can be used in the treatment of fever. Due to its tikat ras ( bitter taste) it gives best result in fever. It works as a potent ayurvedic antipyretic and lowers 1 to 2 degree temperature with in 30-60 minutes. However, it works as PARACETAMOL, therefore temperature will again rise after diminution of its effects in bacterial infections. Therefore other medicines are also required to cover up the associated infection. In case of fever it should be taken with Tulsi swaras (juice) and ginger juice. It can also be used with 5g Sudershan churna in 500 mg of Giloy Satva once or twice daily.

In fever, patients feel weakness, loss of energy or loss of strength, tiredness and restlessness. No such symptoms occurs if patients take Giloy Satva with pravala pishti. This combination also reduces burning sensation and heat sensation in hands, feet and body.


Diabetic patients suffer from following symptoms –

Excessive thirst, frequent urination, tiredness, lack of interest, increased hunger, frequent urinary tract infections, tingling sensation, in feet or numbness in hands or feet. Giloy Satva reduces all these symptoms when it is taken with following adjuvants –

(1) Excessive thirst – Amla (Indian Gooseberry) , Vetivr (Ushir).

(2) Frequent urination – chandraprabha vati or shilajit.

(3) Tiredness -Ashwagandha(withania somnifera)


In arthritis Giloy Satva should be taken with Balarishta or maharasanadi kwath preparation twice a day. These medicines helps to reduce inflammation and pain.


In chronic cough Giloy Satva should be given with chawanprash or with 5g Talishadi churna (powder) once or twice daily.


500 mg Giloy Satva should be given with mukta pishti , Misri (sugar candy) or milk. this is highly beneficial in treating bleeding disorders.


In the treatment of burning sensation in the body specially in hands and feet 500 mg of Giloy satva should be used with butter. Along with Giloy, pravala pishti and sitopladhi churna should be used for best result.


In case of treating the acidity problem 500 mg of Giloy Satva should be given to the patient along with ela adi churna (powder) and sootshekhar ras.

DOSE – The prescribed dose should be taken after the consultation of Ayurvedic physician in all age groups.

* Normal adult dose of Giloy Satva is 500 mg to 1000 mg twice daily with honey or butter.

* For children between age 5-12 yr the prescribed dose is between 150 -200 mg .

* For child between 1-3 yr the prescribed dose should be 100 mg.

* For child between 3-5 yrs 150 mg should be given This will safe guard the child from any side effect. But this really need to be taken after consulting the Ayurvedic physician.

* Giloy Satva does not have any side effect. So it is safe to take in pregnancy and lactating period also but Dose should be decreased to 250-500 mg . Before going to start this first consult a Ayurvedic physician.

* It can be used in infants also but Dose should be decreased to 50 mg. Because this dose is enough to take care of digestion, immunity and daily infection troubles.

How To make Giloy i.e. Tinospora cordifolia Satva at home :


Guduchi i.e. Tinospora cordifolia stem – 50 g

water – 200 ml

steps for making Giloy Satva –

(1) Giloy stems should be collected then cut it into small pieces of 2-3 inches length and outer husk should be removed , If needed.

(2) The drug should be crushed and soaked in 4-6 times of water. The small crushed pieces of Giloy( Tinospora cordifolia) should be macerated well in the water with hands. This helps to release the starch composition of Giloy in water.

(3)The fibrous and Woody parts that left in water should be removed from the water and the liquid that left behind in the vessel should be placed undisturbed for a night to allow the starchy content to settle down at the bottom.

(4) Then after that water present above should be decanted out without disturbing the starch sediment layer formed at the bottom. The starch sediment that is present at the bottom should be washed with little amount of water . That starch sediment should be dried in shade and collected. that starch content will be white on colour.

(5) Then store it in air tight glass container.


Till now , no contraindication indicated in the use of Giloy Satva and also no side effect is noted but In case of development of any allergic symptom after its use consult a physician and it’s use should be stopped .

Ingredient with which it should be used –

It should be used with different ingredient in different health problem.

(1) In Increased vata dosh in body here, increased vata dosh in body would cause dryness, pain, weight loss, lack of sleep. So in order to manage the vata dosha Giloy should be used with ghee (clarified butter)

(2) In case of increased pitta(heat) in the body that can result in burning sensation in body, liver and digestive problem, skin problem and many more Giloy should be used with sharkara ( powder form of Jaggery )

(3) In a condition of increased kapha dosha which can cause respiratory disturbance i. e. Cough and cold further more it can also cause excessive sleep, laziness, nausea, vomiting Giloy should be used with honey.

(4) In case of Constipation Giloy should be used with jagerry.

(5) In case of Rheumatoid arthritis Giloy should be used with shunthi (dry ginger). Dry ginger digest the toxins (ama i. e. poor quality of chyme formed after digestion ) that causes Rheumatoid Arthritis.

(6) In case of arthritis Giloy should be used with Ricinnus communis (castor oil).

AYUSH ministry of India are trying to inform people about the benefits of Giloy. In Gujrat Ayurveda university experiment has performed on the house flies in which the life span of flies increased up to 85 days In general the life span of house flies are usually 25-30 days. This news was published in a health care journal in Netherland.

The best thing about Giloy is that it can be used in normal healthy individual also to maintain a good health. so every individual should be well aware about the benefit of this plant .

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