Hyper acidity is a condition in which there is increase of acidity in the stomach. The human stomach secretes hydrochloric acid which is necessary for the digestion of food. When the stomach contains an excessive amount of hydrochloric acid then this condition is called as hyperacidity.


  1. Poor Digestion. According to Ayurveda perspective poor digestion makes poor end product that is called Ama i.e. poor quality of chyme. Ama combines with pitta .vitiated pitta becomes sour in taste therefore it is called Amalpitta

(2) Mainly Rainy and autumn season.

(3) Excessive use of oily, salty and spicy food.

(4) Irregular eating habits. Skiping meals often is one of the main reason behind this problem.

(5) sleeping just after taking food .

(6) Excessive intake of tea, coffee and carbonated drinks.

(7) Excessive fasting and keeping the stomach empty for long period is also a maine cause of Acidity.

(8) Anxiety, stress, jealousy and anger also aggravate pitta dosha in the body which results in acidity.

(9) Late night work which results in lack of sleep is also a cause of acidity.

(10) Regular use of Pain killers and antibiotics results in acidity.


(1) Uncomfortable feeling of heat in the body.

(2) sour and Bitter belchings.

(3) Throat burn, pain over epigastric region, chest pain, Bad breath , Feeling of Bitter taste in mouth.

(4) complaint of nausea and vomiting on missing meals .

(5) Headache, Acid reflux , heart burn.

(6) chronic condition of acidity may result in Gastric and Duodenal ulcers.

(7) Sensation of lump in the throat.

(8) Acute stage of acidity causes difficulty in breathing and restlessness.

(9) Hyperacidity causes erosion of gum and teeth.

(10) According to Ayurveda perspective, increased Ama results in diseases like Ama vata ( Rheumatoid arthritis) and many other metabolic disorders.


(1) Avoid all the causes of acidity mentioned above.

(2) Avoid tea or coffee empty stomach and also cut down the quantity of tea and coffee. The best that can be done is simply avoid to take tea and coffee if possible. Smoking and alcohol consumption should also be avoided.

(4) Avoid over eating instead of it take frequent small meals that will be more beneficial.

(5) Take your dinner two hours before going to bed . Never leave your dinner for late night because that can worsen the condition.

(6) Left lateral position is best for the sleeping in case of a person suffering from acidity.

(7) Take a half glass of water and soak fennel seeds (saunf) in it then add sugar candy in it then drink it daily. you can either chew a few fennel seeds after food.

(8) Fat free or skimmed milk is a better option . Fat can aggravate the acid secretion in the stomach but the calcium present in the milk helps to provide soothing effect . so for this purpose fat free milk should be used.

(9) Do meditation daily and try to stay stress free because anxiety, stress and depression is also a cause of acidity.

(10)some useful yoga postures to treat acidity are suryanamaskar, Bhujang asana , kpalvati, sitali Pranyayam and sitkari Pranyayam.videos of these Pranyayam is available on you tube.

(11) Revand chini ( Rheum emodi) is a purgative. It expel excess of acids from the stomach. It is mostly used in children to treat hyperacidity.

(12) mix about a teaspoon of fenugreek powder in a warm cup of water and drink up. Fenugreek contains mucilage therefore it assist in soothing gastrointestinal inflammation and coats the stomach and intestinal lining.

(13) Add up pumpkin, bitter gourd ,okra in your diet. One should also add pineapple and papaya in diet because these fruits contains protease which are digestive enzymes.

(14) Amalki (Phyllanthus emblica) It should be used in powder form. It is available in online health stores. Take 1 tsf of Amalki powder with water twice daily. Amalki contains vit. C , calcium, Iron . It is also act as a powerful immunity booster.

(15) medicines for Amalpitta is also available in decoction form (Kwath) like ptoladi kwatham and yavadi kawatham . These are also available in health care store. But before going to take these medicine consult a Ayurvedic physician.

(16) khandkushmand Awleha and Drakshadi leham – these ayurvedic medicines available in paste form also they are highly beneficial in the treatment of acidity.

(17) Medicated Ghee i. e. Clarified butter mixed with medicines are also available in health care stores. Shtavari ghrit, jirakyadya ghrit and Drakshadya ghrit available in the market. Before taking it first consult a Ayurvedic physician.

(18) Metallic preparation of medicines are also available in Ayurveda for Hyperacidity for e. g. Shank bhasma, pravala pishti and makshika bhasma available in the market. These medicines use also need consultation of doctor.

(19) Hingwashtak churna also work as a effective Antaacid. But it really need to be taken daily with first bite of food mixed with ghrit i.e.clarified butter.

(20) prawal panchamrit – 1 tab after lunch and after dinner. This works magically in sour belchings and feeling of bloating.

(21) Dry ginger powder 1/4 th + 1 tsf ghee (clarified butter) + 1tsp sugar candy should be taken empty stomach during morning time.

(22) Awipattikar churna +Triphala churna take 1/4th tsp of this churna with warm water at night for 5-7 days.

(13) At the end most important advice is add up walking after taking food in your habit.

Getting rid of acidity really need a determination and healthy routine.

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