Now a days, Constipation is one of the main health problem which is commonly occuring due to a unhealthy life style.

Constipation can be uncomfortable to talk about, but even more worsen to deal with. So here is the complete information about Constipation which can help you to understand it’s cause and to get complete relief from it.

According to the Ayurveda, constipation is the root cause of all the diseases . A person who suffer from chronic constipation will have high chance to get suffer from many diseases like Hemorrhoids, Anal fissure, Gout, Anaemia, jaundice , Bronchitis, Asthma, skin diseases, weakness, metabolic disorders like Diabetes , Auto immune disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis and many more. According to Ayurvedic perspective , Agni i. e. Digestion is responsible for good health as well as for poor health also. In Ayurveda digestion is consider as a fire i.e. Agni that cook food. If digestion is good then that will make healthy end product of the food that we eat. If digestion of a person is poor then it will make raw and poor quality of end product of all the digested food….According to the Ayurveda The end product of food after digestion serves the other dhatus i. e. tissues.. In our body there are seven datus that are formed as a result of digestion on dhatu level. In which first dhatu is Ras dhatu it can be compared with all the body fluids such as plasma, lymph, interstitial fluid, ras dhatu nourish the rakt i. e. Blood then rakt dhatu further nourishes the mas dhatu i. e. Muscle which further nourishes the medh dhatu i.e. fat. Medh dhatu further form asthi Dathu. i. e. Bone that further would form Shukra dhatu i. e. Semen.


These results are of chronic constipation.

Here Agni means digestion on dhatu level.

(1) In case of poor digestion , the end product that is formed from food after digestion is usually raw and is of poor quality. The end product that is formed can be compared with chyme.so if end product is raw then that will form poor quality of Ras dhatu In case of Constipation Ras Agni is decreases so the Ras dhatu which is formed is increased in quantity but that would be of poor quality. Ras dhatu toxification can cause fever, anaemia, weakness, premature greying of hair, premature wrinkle formation, anorexia, nausea, headache.

(2) Impure ras dhatu would obviously form impure rakt dhatu.. As I said earlier, one dhatu forms the another one.. So according to Ayurveda, our body is made up of these seven dhatus. these days number of diseases increasing . poor digestion is a main reason behind rapidly occuring diseases in human’s body. Basically, these dhatus provide nutrition to all the part of the body. Rakt dhatu is formed in Liver it means if rakt dhatu Agni decreases more will be the rakt formation but of poor quality…. Here Rakt signifies not only blood but also billirubin .poor rakt dhatu Agni can cause skin diseases like psoriasis, leprosy, jaundice, Hepatomegaly,spleenomegaly and can also cause stone formation in gall bladder, COmmon bile duct obstruction.

(3) Impure rakt dhatu would form Impure mas dhatu .mas dhatu here signifies the term muscle. Toxification of mas dhatu can results in tumors, cancer, goitre etc. These diseases usually not occur immediately in the body. But long term ignorance to poor digestion can cause these diseases . According to Ayurveda every individual have different prakriti of body. Prakriti means different nature of body. Some human bodies can more prone to these diseases due to the kapha Prakriti of body.

(4) Impure mas dhatu would further form impure medh dhatu medh here signifies fat in body… So, In case of Constipation dhatu Agni decreases and dhatu can not be digested properly so further dhatu increases.

Here, In this case also Impure medh dhatu increases that would increase fat in different parts of body. It would result in abnormal weight gain, Increase in fat deposition in vessels would cause blockage in heart, varicose vein, etc.

(5) Further poor quality of asthi dhatu will be formed. That can result in pain in teeth, pain in bones, body ache, discolouration of teeth, hair fall, discolouration of nails and brittle nails formation. Because asthi signifies bones and according to Ayurveda it is believed that hair, nails and teeth are formed from it.

(6) From asthi dhatu , majja dhatu is formed when mjja Agni act on it . Majja dhatu signifies Bone marrow In case of Constipation, Digestion decreases. So end product increases but of poor quality . So majja dhatu that will be formed of poor quality but quantity increases . This can cause Dizziness, weakness, pain in joints, Darkness in front of eyes, Disturbed secretion of glands, bone marrow disorders.

(6) Last and seven dhatu is Shukra dhatu. Here, Shukra signifies semen in males. Poor quality of Shukra dhatu formation can cause infertility in males and it can cause abortion in pregnant women.

At last , the result of all these dhatus is ojas. Here ‘ojas’ signifies ‘immunity’. Ojas is the end product of complete digestion. Good digestion results in good ojas it means good immunity. Immunity means ability of the body to fight against the diseases. In case of Constipation , immunity of a person decreases which can result in occurrence of diseases in the body .


(1) Poor diet and Inactive lifestyle : According to the Ayurveda, Vata dosh is responsible for causing constipation. Vata dosha represents dryness, cold, in the body If vata dosha increases above normal level that can cause constipation. Food that increases vata dosha in the body can cause constipation for e. g. Dry food, Yunk food, excessive intake of pulses, food which is lack of fibre, ice creams, irregular timing of food intake, not taking food on time can disturb the digestive system. Unhealthy life style can also cause constipation,Late night work and not taking proper sleep during night also increases vata dosha which results in constipation. Excessive travelling and running also increases vata dosh. Resisting the urge to pass the stool , urine or flatulence can also disturb the vata in the body, anxiety and stress also increases the vata dosha in the body that results in constipation.

( 2 ) Excessive intake of sweets ,cheese and other dairy products and food that is rich in fat content..

(3) Use of habit forming laxatives. laxatives are the drugs that are used for the treatment of Constipation. Excessive use of laxatives results in the development of dependency on these laxatives.

(4) some drugs such as diuretics that increases the excretion of fluids from the body also causes constipation. Other drugs like antidepressants , anti convulsions, supplements etc. can cause constipation.

( 5 ) Less intake of water and fibre rich food. regular intake of red meat worsen the condition like the Constipation.

(6) Intake of alcohol, coffee and tea.

(7) some diseases also cause constipation such Hypothyroidism, parkinsonism, spinal cord injury, pregnancy, Diabetes, stroke, multiple sclerosis .


# Symptoms includes passing stool less than three time in a week , straining, lumpy or hard stool, A Sensation of Incomplete defecation, discomfort and abdominal distension.


Constipation is a problem which is usually caused by the patient himself. So the cure of this problem need full participation of the patient. Because it is a problem which is commonly causes by poor life style and poor eating habits.

Here are some key points to cure this problem –

* As I said earlier it is usually caused by the disturbance of vata dosha in the body. So firstly, management of vata dosha should be done.

*Add ghee i. e. Clarified butter to the food, eat hot food , never go for cold food, food should be fresh to eat.

* Take a glass of hot milk mixed with one spoon of ghee i. e. clarified butter during night time.

* Don’t eat much at dinner. Try to go for less quantity of food at dinner.

* Avoid pulses, curd , rice and other heavy food at dinner.

* After dinner try to walk for 100-200 foot steps.

* During morning time, Drink one glass of Luke warm water empty stomach. Never go for hot water because it can also cause constipation .If Constipation is chronic then take 2 glass of Luke warm water add one lemon juice on it further add half table spoon of salt in it. After drinking this solution try to walk for 300 – 500 foot steps. That decreases the hardness of the stool and also improves the bowel movement.

* Make a firm determination to drink atleast 8 glasses of Luke warm water in a day .

* Add fibre rich fruits in your diet. Fruits like apple, ripened banana, citrus fruits like oranges, sweet potatoes, carrot, green vegetables like beans, mangoes, strawberry.

Eat these fruits during day time. Don’t leave much for night time.

* Avoid drinking water just after the food. Take few sips of water between the food. Taking water just after the food can tighten the stomach so left some space in stomach for digestion.

* If possible try to do fasting once in a week. main advantage of fasting is detoxification of body. If this seems to be difficult then atleast try to avoid lunch once in a week. Actually, fasting according to Ayurveda improves vayu as a result of which Agni i. e. digestion Increases. This is quite eaisy to understand. In real life , if you ever see the flames in a fire you might have noticed that if so many woods placed over fire then also flames decreases because that also need space for burning. Same happens with the digestion of our body if we eat alot at once that would not provide space for Agni i.e. digestion to burn and it become unable to digest the food properly . That results in so many problems. According to Ayurved agni is life. So if you really want a long and healthy life. Just take care of our Agni i. e. Digestion.

* Avoid unhealthy life style ,Take proper sleep during night time, After travelling take hot food with half spoon of clarified butter and also massage your sole with oil. Avoid running and exercise after taking food. Do n’t take snacks during travelling instead of it carry some fruits.

* If the problem of constipation is chronic or still sustained . After the consultation of a Ayurvedic physician take one spoon of triphala with one glass of luke warm water after dinner at night. Triphala here means a combination of three fuits i. e. Emblica officinalis, Terminalia bellerica, Terminals chebula. Triphala is one of the most well studied Ayurvedic formulation .It has anti bacterial ,anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties. Triphala has strong laxative effectIn case of chronic constipation after consultation of physician, Triphala need to be taken at least for ten days at night time with one glass of Luke warm water. Triphala is an ancient Ayurvedic formulation that has been used for centuries to treat digestive system problem. such as malnutrition, constipation. studies have shown that triphala increases the level of anti oxidant molecules and it is devoid of any toxic effects at its recommended dose in adult human. Triphala is eaisly available in the market and also in online stores. The best part of it is that eaisy effordibility. The taste of triphala is little a bit unpleasant .but triphala is also available in tablet form.

* munkka i.e. raisins are highly rich in fibre . just boil 10 to 15 raisins in a glass of milk and drink it during bed time .

* you can also go for psyllium seed husks also called Isabgol .Add one tea spoon of isabgol in one glass of hot water keep it for 3 – 5 minutes. then drink it. Isabgol is a high source of fibre. it moves through the colon like a scrub brush. but it would not happen over night. Take this drink for continuous for 10 – 15 days.

*Dandelion root can act well in mild Constipation. Boil one tea spoon of this mild laxative in water and drink 3 to 4 times in a day. Dandelion is unpleasant to taste so 3 to 4 tablet of dandelion can be taken with one cup of Luke warm water per day.

* Flax seeds are also a beneficial medicine for constipation. It is said that “take your food as your medicine so you do n’t need to take medicine. Adding up of flax seed in diet cure many health problems like constipation, hair fall, blood pressure. Flax seeds are source of soluble mucilaginous fibre that can lower unhealthy cholestrol.

Flax seeds are also a good source of fibre, protein, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus .

In severe constipation one tea spoon of flax seeds followed by two cups of water should be taken twice daily for at least 15 days.

Adding up of one tea spoon of flax seed in your diet can contribute in maintaining good health.

* Indian senna is also one of the best herb to relieve constipation. The dried leaves of this plant can be used to prepare tea to drink daily for 4 – 5 days in chronic constipation. It is also available in tablet and powder form in health care stores.

* Ayurvedic medicines like Abhayarisht, kumarya asava, available in the market but these medicines really need to be taken after consulting the Ayurvedic physician.

* yoga can also solve this problem of constipation. but this also need a regular practice. Get up early morning if possible spend half an hour on it. kapalbhati, Pranyayam and yoga asana are very beneficial for the treatment of constipation. Tittali asana, Matsya asana,Pawan mukt asana, uttan asana, chakr asana are highly beneficial if practicised daily. Many video of these asana are available on you tube .

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